The Aluminum Impulse Mini HD LED Light is a miniature version of our original LED handhelds, small enough for your pocket but bright enough for a backup. This tiny light has incredible output of 180 up to 630 Lumen with a burn time of 1.25 hours and is double o-ring sealed for a depth rating of 300'. Single AA alkaline battery (not included). Tie-point at the rear for attachment.

Phantom Mini Impulse HD Light

    • Maximum depth : 150m
    • Use with two battery types : AA or 14500 (not included)
    • 180 lumens with AA batteries
    • 630 lumens with 14500 battery
    • 73m range (AA batteries at surface level)
    • 119m range (14500 battery at surface level)
    • 1320cd intensity (AA batteries)
    • 3520 intensity (14500 battery)